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A Different Route

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A Different Route Graphics
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Welcome to adfferent_route graphics! This community is maintained by me, crayonmeyellow. Don't comment and ask if I can add you because this is a community with open membership. I cannot add you, you have to join. ^__^ With that said, I just have a few rules.


• You must credit if you take anything. Don't know how? Click here!
• Don't edit anything you take unless I tell you it's okay. But if you do with my permission, you must give me full credit.
• Please don't claim these as your own. I work hard, and I get very depressed when people claim my stuff.
• Comment if you take anything.
• Please don't tell me my graphics suck. I don't need to hear that. If you have something to say, rant about it in your journal.
• I'd appreciate it if these graphics stayed in LiveJournal, but if you want to use them somewhere else, ask me. I will most likely let you.


Looking for a specific post? Check the memories. :)


haunted_icons, rubbish_icons, heyoakland, funkymusic, murderedlove, music_b0x, turboninja, x_tangomecrazy, disaster_notes, circulatory

Would you like to be an affiliate? Comment here!


Post these in your journal! Just copy the codes in the boxes below. :) (I'll be making different ones with each time I change the layout, but the ones I've made before will stay here)


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