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tutorial #17 (captain barbossa)

go from this: to this:
ps7, no selective colouring.

*note, this may not work with all photos.

alright, the point of this tutorial is to brighten up photos that have no saturation. if the photos has a well enough amount of saturation, perhaps lower it so the tutorial will work? or, you could lower the opacities of the steps and not make it look like a rainbow on a bad day.
alright, moving on :]

- choose your photo and resize.
you don't have to squish the picture to make it 100 x100. say you have a photo whose canvas size is 216 x132. just make the smaller side 100px, and then paste it onto a new canvas that is 100 x100. this way you can move it around and get something you like :]]

- duplicate twice and set to screen, making the top one 54% opacity.
i know this is a very popular step these days, but it really is necessary if the photo is near a black abyss. i don't suggest the screen step if the picture is already bright.

- whilst being on the 54% layer, go to filter > sharpen > sharpen.
again, if your picture doesn't need it, skip the step.

- layer > new adjustment layer > curves.
I: 79, O: 87
I: 137, O: 143
I: 124, O: 126

i know i doesn't look like much now, but it will later :]

- layer > new adjustment layer > levels.
0, 1.20, 255
2, 1.01, 255
3, 1.00, 255
2, 1.00, 255

- layer > new adjustment layer > hue/saturation.
saturation +77.

see how much better it looks now? :D

add some textures, text, whatever, save it as a .PNG file and you're done!

hope this was easy enough :]

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