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tutorial #16. (jack sparrow)

Go from this to this.
using photoshop 7. no selective colouring.

duplicate your base. set to screen.
layer > new adjustment layer > colour balance.
-27, 0, 44.
make sure preserve luminosity is checked.
layer > new adjustment layer > hue/saturation.
up the saturation 45.
make a new layer. fill with #002F57.
set to exclusion 34%.
duplicate your screen layer and drag it to the top.
make a new layer. fill with #CCFBFF.
set to colour burn. duplicate. change opacity to 52%.
make a new layer. fill with #FFEAF8.
set to colour burn.

&that's the colouring! :]]
to make the text look the way it does, follow these very simple steps below.

write something, haha. i used akbar.
duplicate the text layer. rasterize it.
layer > rasterize > type.
filter > blur > motion blur.
make the angle 90º. distance should be around the 20 region. i used 23.
click okay. move the layer below the original text [on the layers palette].
now move the rasterized text and move it up to it looks as though it's coming out at the top.
duplicate that layer and put it below the original text [again, on the layers palette].
move it down so it comes out the bottom.

&that's that!
hope you liked my tutorial.
i'd love too see what you got &what you think :]]].

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